Niagara Rises provides support, resources and networking opportunities

to organizations working toward strengthening Niagara County.








In 2007, it seemed as if Niagara Falls, N.Y., was in need of change. A meeting was held and a think tank was formed. Initially there were 40 participants and within a few meetings that number swelled to over 100.


That group quickly formed an identity and became known as Niagara Rises, Inc. Many projects followed including Niagara Homecoming, the Kentucky Derby at Niagara event and a Niagara Rises junior program that was housed out of Niagara Falls High School.


While many inroads were made into helping combat poverty and juvenile delinquency in our community, like many organizations the group became splintered and eventually became stagnant. I'm proud to say that a decade later, in 2017, there are new leaders of Niagara Rises, Inc.


This new brain trust is branching the organization out countywide. There are big plans in the works and like all great movements it has begun with a dedicated small group of people determined to see change in their lifetimes. The greatest thing the organization needs is more committed volunteers.


If you have a desire to help Niagara County then your voice, your experience, your unique talents are all needed. We do not own Niagara County, we have simply borrowed it from our parents and we are honor bound to turn it over to the next generation in better shape than it was given to us.


Projects are underway and meetings are being held. Your help is needed.



~Frank Croisdale - Founder